Accidentally rename a default folder in your mailbox?

I’m sure many Exchange admins have been asked about users that have renamed one of their Outlook default folders, such as the Inbox or Sent Items, to something undesirable and they want to rename it back.  In Outlook and OWA it’s not really possible.  I knew it was available via CDO but sending a user the CDO code wasn’t really viable (I guess you could if you really felt like being the Exchange Nazi).  The best ways to get it fixed is run Outlook with the /ResetFolders switch or use an IMAP client and rename the folder there.  The /ResetFolders switch should also bring back any folders that somehow were removed or are not being listed.

With Microsoft Mail on Vista the option to rename is grayed out and not renamable except for the Calendar folder.  I haven’t gotten my hands on Outlook Express or another client to test further.  Also for an Exchange 2007 mailbox, renaming the calendar folder gives an error “Your folder could not be renamed.  Your IMAP server refused to rename it.  Command Argument Error. 11.  Code: 800cccd3″.  I’m guessing the Exchange team has blocked renaming folders via MAPI in Exchange 2007.

05. March 2007 by Canned
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